When the Spark Fades...

Poetry by me

When the Spark Fades...
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Candles used to excite me

From the very first spark of the flame, to watching the wax as the fire melts away the hard appearance

Breaking down the dam and leaving behind an enchanted riverbed with a sweet fragrance that danced to the rhythm of my heart beat

I enjoyed every moment of its romance

Every second of its company from our late night bubble baths to our vulnerable pillow talks

They used to be the sweetest memories

Until that's all they were... memories

Faded pictures in my head of what used to be an attainable bliss has become a blister on my heart

as it was frozen for so long in a time that can never be recreated.

The honeymoon phase left a bitter taste in my soul

And I

Once again am left alone after the fire has consumed every inch of the wick and every ounce of wax that remained.

With a cycle like that...

Can you really blame me for not wanting to invest in another Candle again?

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