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When I Saw King

by Pinned2 Paper 4 years ago in love poems
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A Dedication to All Kings

"Father's day just isn't enough."

When I saw King I had to gasp for air

Didn't know if he seen me or knew if i was there

Could it be my eyes were not clear

Intimidating but nothing to fear

When I saw King my ocean began to flow

Tightening up my walls, could he tell, did he know

He sent chills through my body, like the cold after it snow

Wanting his name because he was still a john doe

When I saw King, he glisten like an Egyptian

My drug of choice I knew I would need a prescription

Man of leadership, I vow my submission

From head to toe he fit my description

When I saw King, I could smell his scent

Safe from harm, wrapped in his arms, I knew I'd be content

As he spoke I began to melt over his accent

His approach was genuine, kind & pleasant

When I saw King, I knew he was about his business

Even the suit he wore couldn't hide he was into fitness

Fantasizing about being with this man, give me forgiveness

How handsome he is, my girls would agree, they'll be my witness

How You Know It's Real

When I met King, he was dipped in security

His posture, words of intelligence showed no immaturity

Professional, wise & far from obscurity

Loyalty, Honesty, & much Purity

When I met King, I wanted to be in his presence

Smiling & giggling like I was back in adolescence

His smile was the world, shines with excellence

His qualities of power & strength showed great confidence

When I saw King, I seen a father & a best friend brought to the surface

Ready to settle down so, don't want it to go up in flames like a furnace

Raised with morals so, he'll serve a good purpose

Bearing it all, as if the man was shirtless

When I saw King, a long term companion,

a husband,

that's for certain,

When I saw King, he seen me,

a Queen, his last that finished first,

he wife to be...


love poems

About the author

Pinned2 Paper

A woman whose experience ups and downs but remained humbled through it all & now I can share experiences & help uplift others

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