What You Look Like

by THE ALYH 2 years ago in inspirational


What You Look Like

you have no idea

the knowing i hear

in your words,

the mirrors i see

when you speak.

but this doesn’t mean i always look

at the muse in my reflection.

but you don’t either.

most often, you gaze at the negative space around her,

you ask her “why?” without kissing peeks.

you should tell her

that her beauty is so blinding,

you can’t stand to view her

in all her wholeness,

and your awe.

remind her that sometimes

your mind may make attempts to break her

into more easily digestible pieces,

but that you can never erase what you know of her depth.

and vow to listen,

even when you’re mesmerized

by the way the letters

form matter on her tongue when she opens her lips.

let her be...

simply because

she is YOU.

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