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Gums- for Matthew Fromm's "Mirror, Mirror"

By Andrea Corwin Published about a month ago 1 min read
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Toothpick stabs my gums

Dental floss removes better

Waxy Glide best one

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~~For Matthew Fromm's "Mirror, Mirror" challenge:

"Write a poem about a mundane object in the 5-7-5 format."

SenryuFor Fun

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Comments (8)

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  • Christy Munsonabout a month ago

    Nice one

  • Katie Erdmanabout a month ago

    Have you ever tried the flavored floss? Yum!

  • Muraliabout a month ago


  • Kodahabout a month ago

    Love it! Incredible poem! 💌💌

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    I prefer toothpicks to floss 😅 Floss are so terrifying for me. Loved your poem!

  • Esala Gunathilakeabout a month ago

    Go ahead. It is beautiful

  • Cathy holmesabout a month ago

    Well done! I like it.

  • Lana V Lynxabout a month ago

    That’s nice, I probably wouldn’t have been able to come up with a haiku about dental floss.

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