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Vermillion Moon

Shades of Realization

By Mira KatyalPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Vermillion Moon
Photo by Hector Gomez on Unsplash

When the vermillion moon pierced my inner eye

The ruby red drop streaked my stoned vision

I blanked out as the archaic wall stood sentry

Worries, chaos indulged my life-force

I survived, survived

It is just the way

Zombies running around their hectic lives

The crimson clot dried and glued to the wall

Forgotten in the maze of time

Tickle, trickle, and a seed unfurled

The rosy bud, stealthily thrived

And made its way amidst the cracks

And when the mind was floating down the misty vale

A flash of red from the heart spouted

The pain, the arrest of piercing realization

As the flow tarried and then gushed slithering

Into an altered vision

I see! I cried! At the wondrous beauty

Of ecstasy! Of life in iridescent shades!

In the brief timeless eternity;

While a lifetime sloughed was never lived.


About the Creator

Mira Katyal

Hi! I I like to experience, write, teach and consult. I started my holistic journey in the 2000's, eventually starting MiraOm. Using eastern modalities- Ayurveda, Reiki, yoga, I help deconstruct stress, and build up calm. Namaste, Mira.

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    Mira KatyalWritten by Mira Katyal

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