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Is it just me?

By AJPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

You buy her an extravagantly expensive gift

Diamond earrings or a new watch

And we go out to dinner, lobster or something of the sort

Everything is fine

More than fine it’s great we’re great

(Was that convincing)

Because today is the day we forget

There’s no fighting or tension or contempt

We are filled with love

Everyone sit across the table and toast with champagne

Buy us something shiny like we’re all magpies

No really, we love the roses their scent can mask anything you’ve screwed up in the past millennium

A chrysanthemum will get me over the Witch Trials

And those cinnamon hearts will turn my blind eye to the whole 80% of your dollar thing

‘We love you we adore you, we want you, we need you’

But only today

Tomorrow the boxes will be half priced

You all relax and go back to how it usually is

The earrings are put away in a box and saved until the next year you decide to go ahead and love her

Laying in wait like a dog for a bone,

until next valentines

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Because locking myself in a dimly lit house on the seaside and feverishly pouring my soul out on a typewriter is not available to me right now

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  • Test3 months ago

    Marvelous work! Keep it going

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