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All Under One Roof

A Dialogue of Family.

By ColdHardCashPublished about a month ago 1 min read
All Under One Roof
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In the heart of our home, I stand, "Look, mummy, I'm holding your hand!"

Watching over with gentle hand. "Grandpa, please read my favourite book again?"

Children's laughter fills the air, "Hey Son, I'm proud of the man you've become, I swear."

Joy and innocence beyond compare. "Thanks, Dad, you'll always be my number one."

Through the kitchen where meals are made, "Honey, your cooking fills me with joy every day."

Love's aroma, and warmth conveyed. "Sweetheart, you make our house a home in every way."

I hear my partner's comforting voice, "Kids, it's time to make that bedtime book choice..."

Sharing dreams, we rejoice. "...Ice cream or cake for dessert tonight?"

In the living room, stories unfold, "Remember when we went camping, and your feet were freezing cold?"

Generations joined and memories got told. "Mum, you shivered so much you shook off all the tent mould"

Our elders' wisdom, becomes a guiding light, "Grandchildren, the future is yours to make, never lose sight."

Their love shines through day and night. "We're lucky to have you lead us with your might."

The sun begins to set and the horizon skies glow, "Another day filled with love, that will never slow."

Family ties become stronger as we grow. "Together, we can overcome all obstacles that we know."

In the quiet of this shared space, "This sanctuary, our warm embrace..."

Love binds us, with a warm embrace. "...Is a feeling that nothing can ever replace."

Together through life's highs and lows, a cherished bond that only a family knows.

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