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Urban Vibes

City Rhymes

By Sienna BlackwoodPublished 30 days ago 1 min read
Urban Vibes
Photo by vivek mandloi on Unsplash

In the city where dreams take flight,

Streets alive, day and night.

Neon signs gleam, casting shadows tall,

Concrete world where we stand tall.

In this town's beat, we find our way,

Through the noise and fray.

From alleys to skyscraping towers,

We navigate, reclaiming powers.

Spitting rhymes, setting scenes alight,

Every word a tale, clear and bright.

From scars we bear to love's sweet chase,

City's rhythm, our special space.

We flow like rivers, break through walls,

Setting paths, answering calls.

Through highs and lows, we stand tall,

In hiphop's language, we heed the call.

So raise your voice, let your soul spin,

In this urban tale, let's begin.

Through beats we drop, leave our mark,

In life's rhythm, lighting the dark.

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