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Love Across Ages

A Dinosaur's Journey Through Time for Love's Sake

By Sienna BlackwoodPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Love Across Ages
Photo by Larkin Hammond on Unsplash

In the concrete jungle, where the city sprawls,

A dino wanders, amidst the urban walls.

A brontosaurus, towering and grand,

In this modern world, a stranger in the land.

He roams the streets, with a heart so vast,

Longing for a love that will forever last.

Amidst the chaos of cars and noise,

He dreams of finding his one true joys.

And then he sees her, a sight so rare,

A beauty with feathers, floating on air.

A modern bird, with eyes that gleam,

In her presence, he feels his ancient dream.

She chirps and flutters, so full of grace,

Captivating him in this bustling place.

With each beat of her wings, his heart takes flight,

For in her presence, everything feels right.

They dance in moonlight, beneath the stars,

Two creatures from different worlds, yet bound by scars.

She sings her song, a melody so sweet,

And in that moment, their destinies meet.

Though worlds apart, their love does bloom,

Defying the odds in this crowded room.

For love knows no bounds, not even time,

As the dinosaur found his modern rhyme.

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    Sienna BlackwoodWritten by Sienna Blackwood

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