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by DMTakeshi 8 months ago in sad poetry
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I'm mostly unable because I'm greatly unstable

Photo by Ariv Gupta on Unsplash

Unable to express my feelings

It’s because I’m greatly unstable

So I endure the harshest beatings

I wouldn’t want to seem unfaithful


Going mad in my very cruel brain

Broken and picking up the pieces

My confidence going down the drain

My anxiety just increases


I want to scream into the abyss

So everyone fully understands

There’s seriously something amiss

And you get to witness it firsthand


My mood changes very frequently

I don’t even know how I should feel

Insanity budding distinctly

And then it all becomes way too real


Prone to these psychiatric problems

My psychotic episodes remain

I speak a whole lot of my nonsense

I am also horribly inane


I’m having a hard time relaxing

Because I am so very deranged

My life is too badly distracting

And therefore, I leave myself unchanged


I’m permeating my diseased mind

Just waiting for my sweet death to near

Terminating by increased decline

I’m hating the threat of a new fear


But all in all, I’m mostly unable because I’m greatly unstable

sad poetry

About the author


DMTakeshi has zero credentials and these poems have a high probability that they are the ramblings of a person with a serious mental illness. Enjoy!

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