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Under the Stars

A Journey of Love and Hope

By Nedelcu AlinaPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Under the Stars
Photo by Alyssa Boobyer on Unsplash

In a field of green, where flowers bloom,

I lay beneath the bright full moon.

And in the stillness of the night,

I felt a sense of pure delight.


The stars above, they danced and shone,

Their light on my skin, it gently shone.

I closed my eyes and felt at peace,

My mind and soul, they found release.


The world around me seemed to slow,

The quiet calm, it made me glow.

And as I breathed the sweet night air,

I felt as though I had no care.


I thought of all the things I love,

The peace and beauty up above.

The joy and laughter in my heart,

The memories that will never depart.


And as I drifted off to sleep,

My heart was filled with promises to keep.

To live a life that's kind and true,

And cherish all that's good and new.


So when I wake to a brand new day,

I'll carry with me what I felt that way.

And I'll remember in my heart,

The peace and beauty of that quiet start.


With every breath and step I take,

I'll hold onto that sense of grace.

And I'll let it guide me on my way,

Through every challenge and each new day.


For life is full of twists and turns,

And sometimes flames and bridges burn.

But when I'm lost and feeling small,

I'll look up to the stars above it all.


And in their gentle, guiding light,

I'll find the courage to do what's right.

To stand up tall and face my fears,

And push through every doubt and tear.


For life is a journey, wild and free,

And we all must find our destiny.

But with each moment, we can choose,

To let our spirits shine and break through.


So let us all embrace this night,

And let our souls take joyful flight.

For at this moment, we are one,

Beneath the stars and shining sun.


Let us dance and let us sing,

Let our voices soar and our hearts take wing.

Let us love and let us give,

For in this life, that's how we truly live.


And when our time has come to end,

Let us leave a legacy that will transcend.

A world that's kind, and just, and true,

A world that's filled with love and breakthroughs.


So let us cherish each passing day,

And hold onto hope, come what may.

For life is a precious, wondrous thing,

And each of us has the power to spread our wings.


So let us soar, and let us dream,

Let us be all that we can be.

For in this life, we are blessed,

With the power to create our very best.


And as we journey through this life,

Let us remember to embrace the light.

To seek out joy and happiness,

And let our hearts be filled with bliss.


Let us be kind and lend a hand,

To all those we meet across this land.

Let us lift each other up,

And share in love and grace and trust.


For we are all connected, you and I,

And the world we live in, under the sky,

Is a precious gift we must protect,

With all our might and intellect.


So let us walk this path together,

Through the stormy weather and the fair weather,

And let us never forget the power,

Of love and hope in our darkest hour.


For in the end, it's not what we've gained,

But the love we've given and the joy we've maintained.

So let us live our lives with purpose and love,

And embrace the beauty of the heavens above.


nature poetry

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Nedelcu Alina

Life’s short, eat the cake 🍰

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