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Why Should I Show My Body To You?

Heart Believes With Strands Of Hope.

By Praveen PkPublished 2 months ago 2 min read
Why Should I Show My Body To You?
Photo by Vladimir Tsokalo on Unsplash

A woman's love, conceived with grace, exists in the region where hearts weave.
She caresses souls with calm ease, her sensitive touch like a soft breeze.

Her love unfolds beneath the starry sky in every word and every sigh.
She weaves a tapestry of dreams. Her heart believes with strands of hope.

Because, in her eyes, there exists a cosmos that reflects unending love.
She strolls beside him beneath the sky, through deep valleys and lofty mountains.

Her love remains, unaffected by the passage of time, via shared laughter and embraced tears.
A watch is kept in the quiet hours, as the shadows begin to fall, Her unwavering affection.

Given that my essence is greater than what you can see, why should I expose my body to you?

I am more than lines and curves; I am more than what the majority says. My skin is a painting made of hidden tales.

Every mark and scar tells a story of bravery. You want to claim and own me, but that is not what makes me valuable.

I am a universe inside myself. a power of nature, a spirit like the untamed winds that saunter across the great ocean.

Why should I expose myself to your stare when all you see is a haze of objectification and carnal yearning, oblivious to the fire that burns within of me?

I won't let your stare limit me or make me feel less thanUnder the sun, her love endures hardships and triumphs.

She ties their souls together in the beautiful melt of love with words never spoken but felt deeply.

paint the essence of a girl's body, a canvas of beauty and sacred space. The girl's curves unfold a tale of strength and secrets untold, with each contour a whisper of grace.

The arch of her back invites her to wander and embark, a landscape of longing and desire's trace. Her skin, soft and fair, bears marks of time's tender care, with freckles and scars mapping the journey of days and nights.

Her breasts, like moons, are a celestial dance, with a rhythm divine and a symphony of curves. Her waist, a delicate curve of grace, bridges heaven and earthly space, a beacon of beauty and guiding light.

Down her thighs, like rivers, they flow, a journey of passion and ebb and flow. The hollow of her neck is a secret's keep, a sanctuary where dreams gently sleep.

Love finds its lair in the temple of her body, with her lips like petals, a promise of passion and a vow to meet. Her eyes, like stars, are a window to the soul, a sky of blue, where love's magic dances and swirls.

In a man's place, stands in awe of the beauty and wonder that she saw, as in her body lies a masterpiece of love beneath the skies.

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