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Unbreakable Bonds of Love"

Forever Bound by Love"

By evansPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
Unbreakable Bonds of Love"
Photo by Khadeeja Yasser on Unsplash

In a world where time is fleeting,

And moments fade like a distant greeting,

There exists a bond that defies the test,

A love that weathers every trial and test.

Unbreakable, this bond of the heart,

Where two souls intertwine, never to part,

Through stormy seas and tempestuous skies,

Love's flame burns bright, never to demise.

Like ancient oak trees, rooted deep,

Their love stands tall, secrets it will keep,

For in their hearts, a fortress is built,

Where love's essence is never spilt.

Through thick and thin, they stand as one,

Facing the battles that life has spun,

Their love, a shield against the strife,

A beacon of hope in the darkest night.

In laughter and tears, they find solace,

In each other's arms, a sacred place,

Their spirits dance in perfect harmony,

A symphony of love, for eternity.

Time may try to erode their embrace,

But their love remains, an unwavering grace,

With every challenge, they grow strong,

For their bond of love can never be wrong.

Hand in hand, they navigate life's terrain,

Side by side, in sunshine and rain,

Their love, a fortress that cannot break,

For in their hearts, its foundation takes.

So let us celebrate this love divine,

The unbreakable bond that will forever shine,

For in the tapestry of life, it's clear to see,

The unbreakable bonds of love will always be

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