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swing to the rhythm of love

"The Rhythm of Love"

By evansPublished 9 months ago 1 min read
swing to the rhythm of love
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n the dance of hearts, a rhythm beats, A melody of love, so sweet and complete. It moves in sync, two souls entwined, A symphony of emotions, beautifully designed.

With every step, the rhythm takes hold, Guiding lovers in a story yet untold. It's a dance of passion, a dance of desire, Igniting flames that never tire.

The rhythm whispers secrets in the night, Caressing souls with gentle delight. It speaks of longing, of tender affection, Creating a bond, a lifelong connection.

In the quiet moments, when silence prevails, The rhythm of love tells its heartfelt tales. It speaks of devotion, of trust so deep, And the promises two hearts forever keep.

With every beat, hearts find their way, In the rhythm of love, they joyfully sway. It's a dance of harmony, a dance of bliss, A celebration of love's eternal kiss.

So let the rhythm guide your heart's embrace, In the dance of love, find your special place. For in the rhythm's embrace, you'll surely find, A love that's everlasting, gentle, and kind.

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  • Magret9 months ago


  • sfgdb9 months ago

    just rhythm of love

  • Osili9 months ago

    Good work

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