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By You

By Kyle StumpoPublished 6 years ago 1 min read

I feel so unappreciated

Like you don’t even care,

Feel like you don’t see all the

Shit that I do for you

Why do I even bother?

All my hard work doesn’t show,

I do all I can for you,

And you don’t even care!

I work so hard to help you out,

Working, slaving all goddamn day

To help you achieve your goals

But you don’t even care

I feel so unappreciated

Like you don’t even care,

I struggle and bust my ass

Just for you!

But you don't even show,

The slightest inkling of

Gratitude, so rude.

I feel so unappreciated

by you.

sad poetry

About the Creator

Kyle Stumpo

I run a blog called The Ottawa Sound which aims to promote Ottawa Canada based musical artists, venues and any other aspect of the local scene. I'm also in two bands Rebel Reload and Batavia.

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