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Umbrellas are for Lovers

We had no idea.

By Grant WhitehurstPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Umbrellas are for Lovers
Photo by Belinda Fewings on Unsplash

By abi ismail on Unsplash

We shared only three hours a week: art class.

We sat at opposite sides of the room.

I saw her. But she could merely see glass.

How her smile and blue eyes could lift my gloom.

I longed to one day break the awful ice

That covered the small space between us two.

To gain her affection would be so nice

If I could just only somehow get through.

One night rain came completely undeclared.

When at end of class we filed out to leave,

With no umbrella, she was unprepared,

My umbrella’s shelter she shared with me.

Closely side by side we walked to her dorm

And talked for hours well after the storm.

By Jenni Miska on Unsplash

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About the Creator

Grant Whitehurst

61 years on planet Earth

Graduate of Mercer University

Served my country. Showed a willingness to die for it. U.S Army

I study the paranormal, UFO’s and aliens, cryptids

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