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Bicycles and Dirt Roads

Some summers seem to last forever.

By Grant WhitehurstPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Bicycles and Dirt Roads
Photo by David Mancini on Unsplash

From early in the morning till supper time

We rode those bikes fearlessly all day long.

A big deal for kids not even age nine

A summer to remember like a song.

In a rural area legends we were

We traveled from end to end of the county.

To see wonders our large world offered

And curiosities we saw a’plenty.

Peering fearlessly down uncovered wells

Wading into forbidden lakes and ponds

A secret summer we would never tell

A summer to create a lifelong bond.

When she moved away that cold, cold winter,

We vowed our bond would never be hindered.

By Roman Skrypnyk on Unsplash

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About the Creator

Grant Whitehurst

61 years on planet Earth

Graduate of Mercer University

Served my country. Showed a willingness to die for it. U.S Army

I study the paranormal, UFO’s and aliens, cryptids

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