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to you, from my heart

by Adri Stallworth 3 months ago in love poems
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a love letter

to you, from my heart
Photo by Andres Molina on Unsplash

My heart is a hopeless plea for mercy. My knees tremble at the sonnet of you.

How did our souls pick each other? Or, perhaps, are we not the same? Desperately searching for each other after centuries of loss.

My body aches to know yours.

Are you with me, my love? Or are you still finding yourself in a field of worry and perfection?

I was the last person you talked to today. What an honor to know you waited for me.

You are magical. Powerful. Unyielding. Disagreeable but only when you know you are right.

We laughed together this afternoon and I felt my body clock slowing. As if no one else knew we existed, and, just for a moment,

our souls collided

and the sun burned a little brighter.

love poems

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Adri Stallworth

mostly poetry

always my subconscious

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