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To Ride The Dragon

by Mike Singleton - Mikeydred 6 days ago in surreal poetry ยท updated 6 days ago
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A Dragon Verse Challenge

To Ride A Dragon

Taking a prompt from Julie Smith and the first line of the new Vocal Fantasy Prologue Challenge I have crafted this short poem from those prompts.

We have seen dragons and have learned about them from the readings of our childhood and they have stayed with us forever.


A Noble Beast, Born in Fire and Brimstone

Armoured Scales, Wings Of Leather and Power

Eyes See For Miles, This Creature Flies Alone

Above, The Dragon Lands On HisTower


To Ride This Creature, Who's So Majestic

To Stride The Scaled Back, And See Those Great Wings

To Fly Far Above This Spinning Earthlight

Then You Will Have Learned To Ride The Dragon


surreal poetry

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