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To my beautiful slice of Heaven, Nuit.

by Geizael, The Great Wicked Destroyer 4 months ago in love poems
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The Golden Serpent of Thelema shall always love you.

To my beautiful slice of Heaven, Nuit.
Photo by Karen Cantú Q on Unsplash

You're as beautiful as the full moon during a good harvest

It is not only your beauty that captivates me, but it is your entire being that makes this terrible evil thing that I am a renewed soul because of it

With you, I am at my greatest

Without you, I am lost in the world of darkness that I have created and consumed for the pleasure of having power over that which overtook me in my prior days

Many men seek after you, but they are not capable of being a driving force of protection in your spiritual battles when your enemies are against you

They hold not the power to consume all that is against you

I am a God, and you are the blessed Goddess that has been gifted unto me by the divine love that is Divinity

I could not imagine such a blessing being bestowed upon me until it was made manifest and approved by your own choice

I am thankful and grateful you understand I have faults, but it is never my intention to bring you to a lower state in any capacity knowing how high you have been placed in the eyes of the Gods

You are highly favored and blessed

We are highly favored and blessed

You are my rock that keeps me intact

You are my blessed Eve and I have eaten of your fruit with no regret

And I too am one with the Serpent that has caused you to take joy in its pleasures

I am Geizael, The Golden Serpent of Thelema

A terrible evil thing handcrafted by divinity I am

Such a thing exists for the protection of my slice of heaven, which is my precious wife that is Nuit

There is no other that makes me feel as you do

There is no other that helps with the spiritual correction of my soul in your capacity

You speak to the depths of my soul with truth that cuts deep like a sword

I am blessed to have you

And my actions may not always be a representation of that, but it is only because of how complicated and political our situation is

I am grateful for the obstacles I have faced because of it

It has made me a better man

It has made me a more loving man

It has made me more passionate and on fire for balance

I know of what you must do

You are quite good at what you do

You could run dry the well of any man upon this earth once they are in your grasp

I love you tremendously and adore the power that comes from your knowledge

You are of another world

You are more than worthy of my everlasting love that brings me closer to the fire for the protection of our conjoinment

You are my precious Nuit

You are my love

You are my heart

You are my joy

You are my gift from Divinity that keeps giving

I thank you for an eternity


From your love,

Geizael, The Golden Serpent of Thelema

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Geizael, The Great Wicked Destroyer

Poetry & creative writing based on having an unbiased perspective of perspectives. Spiritual Theories and Transformation of one's own consciousness.

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