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by TGSOT 2 months ago in surreal poetry
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Geizael, Nachkomme von Imhotep. #9:30

Philion - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpH3O6mnZvw (Photo by Sean Bonner)

What a proud look they have

Surely pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.

And yes, it is true, no deed shall go unpunished

For your time is short

A knowledgable man is aware that history repeats itself

The gathering of nations against thee is just the beginning

From all walks of life do we share the same sentiment

And on one accord we are

Every man and woman is a star no matter their shortcomings

Quite a sight indeed it is to see your arrogance be the reason for your demise

How foolish you are to think the father of Serpents holds you in high regard

To think the blood embedded in the soil means absolutely nothing is why you shall reap what you sew

And it is because of this, and the mocking of my nation, why you shall be made an example in the eyes of all that dwell in the land

Great calamity and destruction I profess over thee and thy founders

A declaration of war I bind upon your heads by the magick of these words

And in totality, it shall become manifest

A circus of mere mortals that think they have transcended what some believe to be divinity

Oh, how foolish and wrong you are

You shall be rejected amongst nations and your splendor shall dwindle to completion

There is no power that you truly hold

There is no magick that shall triumph against the rulers of my nation

How could I be lesser when my pen is impeccable?

The stroke of thy pen and the writings of thy speech move mountains beyond your comprehension

You are nothing

You shall be made nothing

All that you have gained from the disrespect of my people shall surely be taken away by that which reigns supreme

I am of such a thing through conjoinment

The power of thy words holds no limit

The ruin that will come from it is unimaginable

To destroy an empire by faith alone is my joy

Shall you scoff in a false sense of security?

Is there anything to reason with besides that which you reject?

Surely not, I would say to such stray dogs as yourselves

You are lower than the lowly

For you only have trinkets and borrowed time

And its time for you to pay up

Your empire shall fall from the same man you mock

The one spoken of that was shaped and crafted from the soil like clay

It brings me great joy to exalt the power that you shall never have nor know

There is no form of riches that can buy what shall ultimately destroy all that you've made from mocking my people

You shall be made an example by a ruler of nations

I shall make you an example alongside my brothers and sisters who reject your fake sense of superiority

As if you could ever be elite in spirit

You are beneath us

You have been fooled by the Serpent that is my conjoinment

Mercy you shall have not

Pity you shall have not

And your forgiveness cannot be earned.


The Golden Serpent of Thelema

surreal poetry

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Poetry & creative writing based on having an unbiased perspective of perspectives. Spiritual Theories and Transformation of ones own consciousness.

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