to Anxiety :

by MINDSOCKET 2 months ago in slam poetry

moment in time

to Anxiety :


crawling, nagging, tsunami of single-minded insects ; iron hooks latching on to underside of skin, tugging lightly, slightly, abrasively deadly, calculable to unconscious, unforgiving, euthanasic mind-numbing ; raging mountain of a wave, salt mines spit-it-out spit-it-out, walking into a hallway of steel-strength spiderwebs ; multi-legged beast -- invisible, light-footed, tickling like air, hair on end, muscles unnoticeably constantly constantly gracefully Tight ; stomach sack tensing, churning, scissors cutting hunger cues, slicing wind popping laundry lines, homemade ice cream rolling in a bag, stomach enzymes tossed at will, the anger of a deep ocean ; a spellbook of craving, compulsing, corroding -- repeatedly twisting potions concocting newness, secrecy, disguise ; an identity-shifter, mask-wearer, master-liar, deceiver, unquenchable thirst, doggedly motivating muscle, moving mind, let me be, let me be : nocturnal juggler, camera clicking, compilation strobe light, blinking blink bli- bubbling over, heating cooling sweating shivering body mind body mind body mind -- jumping rope, ping-pong match, oil in water, black and white, divider ; foundational quicksand, unstable launchpad, omni-directional pull push tug tear, hamster wheel of muscle ; a hazy day, heavy mist, eyes closing blinding storm, solitude, embarrassment, secrecy : curiosity, opponent, wonder, enemy ; bridge to nowhere, Alice’s dark hole, ant hill mound, abandoned beehive, polluted river, chemistry explosion, second hand tick ticking away ; predator of love, preying on fear, feeding on shame


what do you want

where did you come from

when will you leave

you’re part of me, i get that now ;

cool. since you’ll be staying

-- let’s make one thing clear

you are unrelenting

and so am I.

slam poetry
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