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(in "My" body?)


oof n’goop : conglomerate-entity-blob. plopping i want to push it out, birthing impossibility -- an extraction, dissection, plucking with tweezers, the exactness of a ginormous THING. right from organs/intestines/inner-goo, dripping drop-by-drip dissolvable-powered stomach acid, emanating ripe rancid smells smoke stank gaseous liquids solids, radioactive with privacy: personal, embarrassing body-gloop.

gravity-subject, menial-subject-of-the-spinning-World, this plippy-ploppy-slippy-sloppering sloup. circuitous electrically-attracted whirring blobs, palpitating courageously from the Whole. away away away from the Body.

THING puzzled together, pieced sliced divided, amorphous globs imaginatively glued together, sand-paper rough, abrasively present in dimension, tiring and trite. rubbing on the inside of “Me” … invasive species, part of being, xenophobic fright, flashlight darting, feline pawing a dangling string. gravity-servant, gravity-slight.

join me for a minute : imagine this THING. I think it’s in my body.

my innerly-sticky BODY, STICKY with this glittery gloop, textured smoothly, slippery, cutting, asymmetrical flipping fucking THING. I want to stab it with a toothpick, pull pluck drag it out, a hangnail in my core, there and not there (when i look), there and not there (when i look) ; how is it that this titillating curiosity-horney invisible monstrous clenching clawing annoying gnashing THING is

i can’t get it out.

surreal poetry
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