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To All The Men I’ve Loved Before

Thanks for the precious life lessons both good and bad

By Life LessonPublished about a year ago 2 min read
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For those that I had loved but hurt me,

Thanks for the tough lessons and the growing pains,

It was a horribly dark time on my romance page.

For those that had loved me but I had hurt,

I’m sorry for the hurt that I caused you,

Thanks for letting me learn about my true self,

Please forgive my immaturity and wrongdoings.

For the one that we had loved each other but never end up together,

Thanks for those magical and sparkling moments,

Thanks for the wonderful fleeting times spent together,

It was just too bad the timing was wrong,

Be grateful for the lessons on how to love and receive love,

Let’s wipe the regrets and the tears away from our lives,

And wish us to find the happiness that we deserve.

* * *

For the one currently in my life,

Thanks for making some of my wishes come true,

Let’s hope that we continue to enrich other’s life,

Create many more happy memories,

Growing old gracefully together,

Holding each other’s hand till old age,

Hoping that we are the last companion in each other’s life,

Till our very last breath on this earth.

* * *

Is this going to happen as I anticipate?

Or does fate have another plan and surprise for me?

The plan that will make my life truly fulfilling?

I’ve got a few possibilities and scenarios on this,

Only time can tell which possibility will happen,

Of course, it depends on how I respond to the event,

That will determine which outcome will happen,

Never forget I’m the ultimate master of my life.

* * *

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