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The Face Of Romantic Relationship

My special relationship, can you become what I want?

By Life LessonPublished about a year ago 1 min read
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You’ll accept me for what I am, include my perfect and imperfection

You’ll lift me up when I’m down , even when I’m not lovable

You’ll still love me , even when I’m so hard to love

You’ll raise me up , during my darkest hours

You’ll be there for me with open arms , when the world abandoned me

We complement each other , both in strengths and weaknesses

We make our worlds complete , by our DNA differences

We make our life worth living , despite all the storms and tears

Joy is a double joy , with you around

Sorrow is reduced to half , with your sharing

You’re my buddy and confidant , you know me inside out

You’re my lover and life partner , loneliness never exists in our world

You’re my other half , to make my world richer

Our hearts are always in one , even when we are apart

We’ll both hold hands , till our last day on earth

Should there be truly another life , I still want to be your other half

* * *

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