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Time Undone

A story of a clock

By Tressa RosePublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Time Undone
Photo by Adriano de Gironimo on Unsplash

I've been alive for 28 years now,
And my owner has always been very good to me.
Making sure my hands have always kept moving,
And my tick has always tocked.
I've sat on her wall since she was gifted to me
On her 50th birthday by her older sister Sharlene.
The first time she saw me,
She said I was the most beautiful of clocks she had ever seen.
Hand painted with pink and blue roses
And a beautiful shine.
She hugged me in her arms
And for the first time I felt the warmth
Of loves touch.
Like clockwork, the first day of every third month,
She'd take me down off the wall and replace my batteries.
Didn't matter if I needed new ones or not
She always made sure I was alive and well.


So if I'm being honest I'm a little concerned,
Because it's now the second day of the third month, and my owner is nowhere to be found.


It's been about a week now
I finally understand,
My owner went to bed peacefully
And never woke again.
Her younger sister is packing me away, neatly in a box.
They packed me with a picture of her,
So at least I'm not alone.


I'm not sure how much time has passed,
My hands keep skipping beats.
I'm getting kind of tired now,
So I think just like my owner,
It's time for me to go to sleep.

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About the Creator

Tressa Rose

On a serious self-discovering, soul-searching journey. Breaking myself out of a stagnant shell and reaching out for my dream of being a writer. Small steps but this is my start! Please help me by commenting your feedback, I'd be grateful!

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Comments (3)

  • Cathy holmes5 months ago

    Aww. For the first time ever, I actually feel bad for a clock. Very well done.

  • Kenny Penn5 months ago

    Oh my goodness so sad! Great story though Tressa.

  • Awww poor clock. I feel so sad for him! Loved your poem!

Tressa RoseWritten by Tressa Rose

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