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Time Bomb

Just Waiting

By Nick QueenPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

You asked for my opinions

Showed me that you care

Treated this like something real

I don’t remember falling at all

Then you handed me a time bomb

What did I do to push you away?

Do I distance myself

Should I keep trying

Is there a point to either

Just a distraction

A place holder

Nothing more

Waiting for the day you choose someone else

Am I that little to you

Anger issues more safe or familiar to you

Is that an ex of yours?

Or am I still the home-wrecker?

Watching the bomb count down


Just waiting

Because you won’t choose me

Playing boyfriend without the title

You show that you want this

Your mouth says otherwise

You want me there

In the audience for you

I just have to stay away

Can’t interact with you

Am I worth less than his feelings?

I’m more than a place holder

More than a distraction

I’m worth more

Than a ticking time bomb

This constant charade

So contradictory

I can’t stand this silent timer




This all away

Am I just the back up

The just in case

Or are they

Waiting for this bombs last hour

Our last moment

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About the Creator

Nick Queen

I’m Nick and I’m just a person trying to get my writing out of my head and maybe others might like it.

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    Nick QueenWritten by Nick Queen

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