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For You

I hope you read this

By Nick QueenPublished 30 days ago 1 min read

Hello You,

Friend, Lover, Ex

This one’s for You

The silent reader

Not a love note or romantic poem

Just words to get off my chest


Yes You

Are incredible

Immeasurable worth just the way You are

You deserve your every desire

I’ve said this all before

It makes it no less true

That You

Yes You

Deserve a love of roaring fire

Not a cold shoulder of

Will they, won’t they

Anxiously waiting for action

Listening to words from a well trained liar

Six years of waiting

Procrastination the rain that stoked our flame

You asked for the minimum

But that shouldn’t ever be enough

Not for You

No You

Deserve so much more

Never should you feel like a burden

Asking for more than the minimum,

Isn’t a question, but an expectation

Effort and action

Not all should be done by You

Because You

Yes You

Are worth more than my regret

I could hold the world in my hand

The entirety of existence

Yet it never measure

Even compare

To the memories and feelings you left permanent

Too bad I’m telling this to a smoldering fire pit




Deserve to be endlessly happy

Even if you’re not mine

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About the Creator

Nick Queen

I’m Nick and I’m just a person trying to get my writing out of my head and maybe others might like it.

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