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by K.C. KENNINGS 2 months ago in love poems

a poem for the 3 loves we meet

They say you fall in love three times.

The first love is an introduction.

Young, and silly,

Love for what we knew it to be before we had ever told anyone those three words.

For me, this love was a bright-eyed boy

Who liked to go fast around dirt road corners

and slow in all the ways that mattered.

A love sweet like summer honey

And kind like an autumn afternoon

The second love is a lesson.

Painful, and difficult,

It teaches us what we love about love,

and what is not love, but wears a pretty disguise.

For me, this love was a curly haired poet

Who loved his own darkness

More than me.

A love deep like 2AM conversations

And lonely like the tallest skyscrapers

The third love is a surprise.

Unexpected, and undeniable,

Love that tears down any wall you try to build

For me, this love is a long time friend

Who tells stories like a dreamer,

And is the product of every 11:11, birthday candle, shooting star, and fallen eyelash.

A love calm like a Sunday morning coffee

And consistent like a pocket watch

A love easy like decisions made

And worthy like a lucky coin

A love honest like a honeybee

And everything like eternity

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