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Those sentences that are warm at first hearing


By Dylan M ParkinPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

1、Everyone who decides to turn around has been standing in the wind for a long time.

2, reconcile with yourself, to accept each period of yourself, the road did not go in vain, each step counts.

3、The heart hides exhaustion and aggression, and is doing its best to please life, adult life is to collapse while healing.

4, over the years too understanding, is the biggest failure of my life. This understanding, is to understand the things of others, understand the suffering of others, easy to be soft-hearted but forget to love themselves!

5, some things do not deserve to occupy your emotions, life is an experience, enjoy yourself a little.

6, every insignificant day, is your capital to turn defeat into victory.

7, if a person misses you enough, then this person, you can arrive in your dreams.

8, the bodhisattva said: you are here to pay back the debt, do not feel bitter in your heart, the former marriage in this life to pay back, there will be owed to see each other, long for the rest of your life, short for a few years, to love yourself more.

9, anyone's discouragement will not make you a great enlightenment, really let you wake up like a dream, see through the human accident, only experience, loss, regret and injury."

10, life makes you dissatisfied with people and things, learn to let it go, if you have to go to this reasoning, you will find that you are right finally become you are wrong, why not laugh it off .

11, the experience and should not experience all experienced, the endure and should not endure are swallowed one by one, but also afraid of what, life is only two results, see the effect and see the laugh.

12、To get used to anyone's hot and cold, but also to look down on anyone's fading away, time has taught me to bear alone, laughing without saying is a kind of growth, pain without saying is a kind of experience.

13, before considering the feelings of others, you may want to consider again whether others are considering your feelings.

14、Meet the wrong person will consume you, meet the right person will cure you, the best self-discipline of adults is to stop in time, people have obsessions, but not obsessions.

15, I ordinary stunning who years, but I will do their own light, invincible, sober, self-discipline, know the progress, love themselves.

16、First make a living, then make a love. Interesting life, half of the food and salt, half of the stars and the sea.

17、The sea and mountains have their own return, the wind and rain have their own meeting, will be difficult to reconcile the end, all things will be as they should be.

18, life's most beautiful scenery is, the inner calm and calm; life is dull, the heart will shine, the years are dull, but run up the wind.

19, first try to excel, in generous possession. The so-called life, something to do, something to love, something to look forward to.

20、When others say bad things about you, don't be sad, in the eyes of people who don't like you, you do a good job is useless. When others accuse you, do not be sad, do not understand your people, you try harder is wrong.

The fish so trust the water, but the water cooked the fish, the leaves so trust the wind, but the wind blew off the leaves, between people rely on a heart, between love and affection, all based on a true.


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