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100 warm and inspiring sentences


By Dylan M ParkinPublished 2 years ago 8 min read

1, you deserve this world, all the good.

2, if the heart has aspirations, why fear the road blocked and long.

3、Fate won't treat you poorly as you are trying to get better

4, may you become your own sun, without the help of whose light.

5、What you win with time, time will certainly testify to it. -- Haruki Murakami

6、If you miss the sunset, you can still wait for the stars in the sky.

7、Trying to be a warm person, with a sincere smile to the world, with tears to remind themselves to do better, with happiness to meet the sun every day, with confidence to the world that you are doing well.

8, do not indulge in the past, do not reverie in the future, focus on the imminent passage of the present.

9, you are never qualified to look down on a person who is trying.

10, there are so many promising eyes behind you, how can you easily give up.

11, remind yourself every day, how much self-discipline you have, how wonderful. As long as you are still willing to work hard, life will keep surprising you!

12, please try harder, for the people you want to see, want to do, want to be yourself

13、Take the effort as a habit, not a three-minute fever. Persistence is the king, every harvest you envy, are others efforts to fight with heart, you can complain, you can also ignore, but remember, no effort, even the qualification to admit defeat!

14, cover your ears, focus on and before the matter, do not be disturbed, do not think about the results. -- Lu Sihao

15、Even if the steps are small, you have to move forward step by step. -- 夏目友人帐

16、The person who accompanies you to the end is only yourself, you are your own god. -- Xin Yiwu "Original

17、To cherish your own name: remember who you are, you know what you want to do and what kind of path you want to take. -- Hayao Miyazaki

18, the past does not love, the future does not welcome, the present does not negative.

19、What you expect, is coming to you.

20、Trying to catch up with the self that was once given high hopes

21、When lost, firmly say to yourself, then the dream, I still remember -- Hayao Miyazaki

22、If you are tired, learn to rest, not give up.

23、Sit and watch the flowers bloom in front of the garden, smile and watch the clouds roll in the sky. -- Chen Jiru

24、Light is not the right of the sun, everyone can.

25、No matter how the world treats you, please work hard, brave and hopeful as always.

26、Even if life has a thousand reasons to make you cry, you have to find a reason to make yourself laugh, this is life.

27、If you want to be irreplaceable, you must always be different. -- Coco Chanel

28、Why do you care what others think? -- Feynman

29、When you can silently digest the negative emotions alone, you have really grown up

30、When lost, quietly reach out and give the wind a high-five.

31、The shimmering light in your heart is the place where your dreams start.

32、Bad days often have special value, but only if you get through them, you have to make all the bad ones worth it.

33、Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the storm. -- Ke Yunlu

34、When you feel that nothing is interesting you learn, learn to learn anything around you becomes interesting.

35、The starlight does not ask the rusher, time is not negative.

36, really working hard, the day is not comfortable. Turn yourself into good, other things will naturally follow, will be delicate, can settle for, can enjoy the best, can also bear the worst.

37, the teacher said, life always has to have a few years of settling time. That period of time, you will be very lonely, very down, very lousy, but this experience, will affect your life in the next few decades. The same with the gentleman.

38, and so on through these days, everything will become better.

39, after the effort, only to know many things, insist on insisting, over the

40, you perfunctory life, life will perfunctory you

41、The best part of life is not the moment of success, but looking back, the dark seemingly endless, painstaking process of figuring out.

42, no matter how long the night, the day will always come! Yesterday will eventually pass, tomorrow will be brilliant still!

43、A trip to earth, positive, do not think about the past, not afraid of the future

44、Instead of being under someone else's umbrella, it is better to run in the rain by yourself.

45、The sunflower told me that as long as the sun is facing upward, the day will become simple and beautiful.

46、Now I run hard, but only to catch up with the self that once had high hopes. -- Shawn Livingston

47、Accept your own ordinary and also remember to discover your own beauty.

48, in such moments, we need to wait patiently, full of confidence to look forward to, believe, life will not give up on you, fate will not abandon you. If you can't stand loneliness, you won't see prosperity.

49、What's holding you back is fear and indecision, you have to believe in yourself and move forward.

50、Once you accept your weaknesses from your heart, no one can ever hurt you with this thing again. -- Pang Ying

51、There will always be a time in your life's journey when you need to walk by yourself and carry yourself. Don't feel afraid, don't feel alone, it's just the price of growing up.

52、The only thing that really cures you is yourself; don't complain, try to take it on; don't be afraid to be alone, try to sink.

53、I have experienced failure, failure and failure again, but that is the reason for my success. -- Jordan

54、When you work hard enough, luck will always meet you unexpectedly.

55、You can cry on this journey, but you must not stop.

56、Don't try to do what you like, but to like what you are doing. -- Churchill

57、Living in the gutter, but also remember to look up at the stars

58、You may not shine brightly, but always warm with light.

59、Because there is a dream, so bravely set out, choose to set out, it will only care about the wind and rain.

60、Today's starry night, tomorrow's light dance and fly.

61、Who is not while frustrated, while learning to be strong.

62、What you love is your life

63、Life, there are always some dark tunnels need to cross themselves.

64、When life is too much for you to breathe, you must learn to applaud yourself.

65、Do what you like to do, do what you are good at, find the joy of success, find the lost confidence, find forward momentum and direction.

66、Many things are like traveling, when you decide to set out, the most difficult part is actually done -- Lu Sihao

67、The heart is small, all the little things are big; the heart is big, all the big things are small; look down on the vicissitudes of the world, the heart is at peace.

68、In the time when more talk is not helpful, perhaps silence is the best explanation.

69、I can accept defeat, but I can't accept giving up -- Kobe Bryant

70、When you have a spirit of perseverance, when you are willing to work slowly for a goal, with time to fight for their future, often end up being able to achieve more than those who run fast.

71, bashful, is a growth in life. Don't let the pressure of life squeeze out the happiness, pack up your emotions and get back on the road.

72, tired, squatting down to hug themselves, still stubbornly say: it is only so.

73、Even in the dark stream, but also to look up to the stars ah

74、Only love yourself first, the world will love you.

75, with happiness to drive the mood, with the concept of navigating life, with persistence to pursue the cause, with sincerity to treat friends, with plainness to treat trials and tribulations, with efforts to pursue happiness, with gratitude to life!

76、Everyone is their own hero.

77、Because there is regret, so the stars and the moon; because there is a dream, so defiant.

78、He may not shine brightly, but always warm with light!

79、Your existence itself is a beautiful thing.

80、I see the end of the darkness ahead, there is light waiting for me.

81、Even if deep in the ditch, but also to look up to the stars.

82、The world is big, beautiful scenery, many opportunities, life is short, do not huddle in a small piece of shadow.

83、Although the world is full of pain, but also full of ways to overcome it. -- Helen Keller

84、Stay optimistic and positive, against the sun, all the way forward!

85、In the days to come, you will encounter many similar things, but no matter what, do not let the dark shadows consume your heart.

86、You were born worthy of being loved, this you do not need to question

87、Whoever is self-reliant will eventually be saved. -- Faust

88、The person who sows with tears must be able to harvest with a smile.

89、The dark night will see the most beautiful starlight, life is the same.

90、Even if the world has a thousand reasons for you to cry, you should have a thousand and one reasons to smile.

91, those who try to smile, but also in the late night crying.

92、Every starry night is a hymn to live

93、If things don't go as planned, believe that God must have another plan.

94、Please keep that love and run to the next mountain and sea.

95、Faith is a very sacred trust.

96、Get to cherish, lose no regrets, do not make things difficult for yourself, do not demand others, if you do your best, then you have a clear conscience, no regrets.

97、Life is inevitably frustrated, after the storm is a rainbow; life is inevitably suffering, after the rain there will be sunshine.

98、I hope you have the stars in your eyes and the sea in your heart, from then on to dream as a horse and live up to your life.

99、Everything will pass, live in this moment!

100、You should be loved and deserve to be loved.


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