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A lot of great warm sentences


By Dylan M ParkinPublished 2 years ago 2 min read

1、Slowly taste the color of the earth's smoke and fire, leisurely observe the long years of everything.

2、Life always comes and goes, don't wait for the future to be long.

3、Borrow a breeze to blow away the gloom, pick up a bowl of strong wine to talk and laugh.

4、There are many people to cherish and you are in the top of the list.

5、May you have a strong inner mountain and river, always believe that the earth is worth it.

6, may you be obsessed with less hurt, may you come to the realization that things are what they are.

7、The universe mountains and rivers rotten, the earth a little warmth are worth me forward.

8、Spring and summer, autumn harvest and winter collection, we have a long day ahead.

9、Parting is the earthly norm, meeting is the accident.

10, with the world hand in hand for many years, you, whether the glow remains long, interest.

11、The flowers do not bloom in order to fall, but to bloom more brilliantly.

12、Love can withstand the years long, gentle can stop the hard times.

13、It is never the flowery words that can move people, but just the right amount of tenderness and a sincere heart.

14、Other people use gentle to describe you, I use you to describe gentle.

15、Challenge is the norm of life, but step over, is joyful and smooth.

16、Can travel happily, must be a light traveler.

17、Storage of sunlight, there will be a far-flung; warmth in the heart, and why fear the desolation of life.

18、Winter scattered, the star river long bright, where the past, all for the prologue.

19, not busy not idle work to do a great job, not salty not a wonderful life.

20、Even if no one applauds you, but also to gracefully thank the curtain: thank you for their serious pay.

21, this short life, we will eventually lose, might as well be bold, love a person, climb a mountain, chase a dream.

22, why curl up in the dark, only once in life of course to live the blaze.

23, give yourself a smile, let the mood open up, not for yesterday and chagrin, not for tomorrow and confused, happy and content, quiet and far away.

24, you are very important, the phrase means: even if we do not meet and do not contact, the heart will always leave a bit of expensive peace and quiet put you.

25, if you can not catch the sunrise, miss the sunset afterglow, please remember that there is a sky full of stars, and the next day.


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