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This Universal Truth, A Gift From Me To You

My submission to Vocal's Extraterrestrial Challenge

By Patrick XPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
This Universal Truth, A Gift From Me To You
Photo by Cathal Mac an Bheatha on Unsplash

Upon this Earth, I'd first bestow,

A truth that every heart should know.

Not in grandeur or riches to accrue,

But in the depths of me and you.


In every soul, a light does gleam,

The beauty of a genuine dream.

To be open, honest, truthful, and free,

Unveiling the brilliance in you and me.


In honesty, we find our grace,

A shining light in the human race.

It's not in the landscapes or oceans blue,

But found in the hearts of me and you.


For shadows try to trick and deceive,

But in the light, we can truly believe.

No fences to hold us, no battles to fight,

Just openness and honesty, in the purest light.


In vulnerability, our strength does rise,

As masks and pretence, we cast aside.

No need for lies or hidden fears,

For authenticity dries silent tears.


I'd show you faces, both young and old,

Their stories and truths, a sight to behold.

In embracing flaws and scars so deep,

We find the beauty, that secrets keep.


So, dear alien, understand this revelation,

In the raw and real, we find our foundation.

For in this truth, we find our worth,

A treasure that's been here since birth.


In unity, our spirits rise,

No more division, no more lies.

With open hearts and honest skies,

Revealing a beauty that never dies.


In every human, the potential resides,

To be open and truthful, and to cast aside

The walls we build, the masks we wear,

For authenticity, is the jewel we bear.


So, welcome, dear alien, to our land,

Where authenticity takes a stand.

In the hearts of all, lies a universal truth,

That from love and authenticity, inner beauty shines through.

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  • Darkos6 months ago

    Woaw your words are bringing Hope and Beliefs back! Great poem truly from the heart and how it does feel and sounds with light!

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