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Think Or Sink

by marie381uk about a year ago in heartbreak


How little you think of me it's clear

Once I loved you dearly, it's broken

You broke it by treating me horrible

Think about it; you're not nice anymore

I feel like shit now; it's all over

I feel angry I let you treat me like this

I feel so sad; you are not the nice man

Think; I had to think hard, can I take more?

The answer simply no, there is only one way

I need to know, no matter what, it's ended

There should be closure, That last goodbye

You think you will be better rid of me

I know you won't; you had a power to hurt

My ability can match yours. It will, and we're dead

Bitter yes; I bloody well am, angry and certain

No matter what hurt you inflicted, I survived

I doubt it you will, my power too can crush

Crush ruin and shut down. So laugh for a while

Remember though I will eventually wipe it away

You need to feel, the hurt I felt, just once

The pain I felt when you’re tongue mocked me

When you made me feel lower than a tramp

I took it for so long. I pretended it was ok

No; it was not. You were nasty, I the target

Sleep well at night; I will return, payback is sweet

To payback is a generous thing, you deserve it

The brain fog lifted, you hurt me, one too many times

I shall blow the ashes of my feelings back tenfold

You hate me now, soon will know how you made me feel

The comments, cleaver remarks, you loved it dishing it

Now I shall sit here, and enjoy as you did, bitter yes I am

To think I held you high, ignored lie after lie. Fool me

They say it's not over till the fat lady sings, I am rehearsing

My last song will be performed, like a bird of the night

In tune, repaying the universe for dishing out shit

My last song is a song only I will love before I take a bow

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My Name is Marie, I write mainly poetry

I write subjects that I lean towards. No poetry by me, is related to me in any way unless I state it is. I have loved poetry from being 14 years old. Life is a poem grab a pen a tell your story xx

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