by marie381uk 8 months ago in heartbreak

Torn Apart By You


I sit day after day, living in my head

Somtimes so alone, wishing I was dead

He judges me, he pretends to care

When I need him, he just isn’t there

His words cruel, cutting like a sharp knife

I ask of late, do I really need him in my life

All my life people have put me down, it hurts

Now he who I loved, plays his cards too secretive

He was nice, I felt loved and safe with him

I told him my life, I told him I loved him

He took every chance to hurt, with words, sly actions

Confused I cry lots of tears, he mocks me, no love there

The way he talks, it is like I am shit on his shoe, he hates

He tells me every chance there is no me and you

He knows my life, my heart 💓 I know nothing of him

His cards are hidden, private, his life, his family

I can’t even see a photo of his family, his wife why?

He says nothing to do with me. private his life ”SLY”

Sly yes, no love, he has, what he wants and needs

He has her, she is better than me, I am shit on his shoe

When she is home he can’t be bothered, he vanished for hours

It was fun to him, yet it was more to me, he hurts me WHY?

Pathetic excuses I see through, yet he still makes them

Its not over, yet it never began. He is distant, he loves his wife

It's in my head, my heart wishes I where dead, gone

With out him its hard, too hard for me to carry on

Yet What does he bring to me, nothing I suppose ”HURT”

The unwanted, the unloved, that is me, he treats as dirt

It will soon be over, and he will be gone. I don't care anymore

He brings nothing but insults, hurt and it time to End

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My Name is Marie, I write mainly poetry

I write subjects that I lean towards. No poetry by me, is related to me in any way unless I state it is. I have loved poetry from being 14 years old. Life is a poem grab a pen a tell your story xx

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