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Things Aren’t Always What They Seem

by Trudi Stacey about a month ago in slam poetry

A different view

Things Aren’t Always What They Seem
Photo by Harry Quan on Unsplash

From the moment we are born

We know only what we see

And forever we are told

That’s the way our lives will be

Our future will be fill, they say

With days so warm and free

We’ll get married, have some kids

And own bath towels, ‘he’ and ‘she’

Yet, as we journey through the years

Some of us will know

That our lives are very different

And that’s not the way we’ll grow

For me this much is clear

I’ll not just cook and sew

And there’ll be no ‘he’ to call on

When the long grass needs a mow

You see, I am a woman

And proud of it I say

And not only am I happy

I’m young and free and gay

Now people try to tell me

I’m not meant to live that way

I reply with strength in pride

“Who are you to say?”

I’m not asking you you to live

The way in which I do

So neither you should tell me

That I should be like you

I am my own person

Though more fortunate, it’s true

For the window of my life

Has more than just one view

So, you go on believing

That only your way holds the key

To inner peace and love

And that’s the way that it will be

But don’t be fooled so quickly

Look carefully at what you see

For the bath towel that I own

States plain and simply, ‘me’

slam poetry

Trudi Stacey

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Trudi Stacey
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