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The world is in a lovely position

Lovely poem about this world

By Safa JamaPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
The world is in a lovely  position
Photo by Greg Rosenke on Unsplash

the world is a lovely position to be born into if you do n’t mind happiness now not generally being so veritably aplenty entertaining in case you do n’t studies a hint of hell now and also just while the whole lot is stylish due to the fact indeed in heaven they do n’t sing all of the time the sector is a stunning position to be born into if you do n’t studies a many humans demise all of the time or maybe simplest starving some of the time which is n’t partial so awful if it is n’t you Oh the sector is a stunning position to be born into if you do n’t a whole lot mind some dead minds within the better places or a lemon or now after which in your upturned faces or similar different familiarities as our call brand society is prey to with its guys of distinction and its men of extermination and its preachers and different patrolmen and its different aloneness and congressional examinations and different constipations that our idiot meat is heir to yes the sector is the excellent vicinity of all for a number of effects like making the a laugh scene and making the affection scene and making the sad scene and making a song low songs of getting alleviations and tromping round looking at the whole lot and smelling foliage and goosing statues or indeed wondering and kissing mortal beings and making toddlers and carrying pants and signaling headdresses and dancing and going swimming in gutters on picnics in the center of the summer time and just generally ‘ living it up ’ sure still also right within the middle of it comes the smiling undertaker

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