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The Unstoppable Force

The Unstoppable Force of a woman's spirit, a flame that burns bright, a power that ignites

By LauraPublished about a year ago 1 min read
The Unstoppable Force
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The Unstoppable Force, a woman's spirit,

A burning fire that can't be dimmed,

A force of nature, fierce and determined,

With a heart full of passion, a soul that's unfurled.

She rises up, she stands tall,

With every challenge, she takes the call,

For in her heart, she knows her worth,

And with every step, she proves her birth.

The world may try to hold her back,

To silence her voice, to paint her black,

But she never gives up, she never gives in,

For she knows the power that lies within.

With grit and grace, she breaks the mold,

She shatters barriers, she's uncontrolled,

For she's driven by a purpose so strong,

And she'll stop at nothing to prove them wrong.

She's a warrior, a champion, a queen,

With a heart full of love, a soul that beams,

She inspires others, with every move,

For she's the Unstoppable Force, the one who proves.

That no matter the odds, no matter the fight,

She'll keep pushing forward, with all her might,

For she's destined for greatness, she's made to soar,

And the world will know her name, forevermore.

So let us celebrate, the Unstoppable Force,

The one who breaks barriers, the one who endures,

For she's a symbol of hope, a shining star,

And with her spirit, she'll go far.

For the Unstoppable Force, is more than just a dream,

It's a symbol of power, of what we can achieve,

So let us embrace it, let us own our might,

For together, we'll conquer the world, with all our light.

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