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The Sisterhood of Women

United we stand, as sisters we empower, together we create positive change in the world

By LauraPublished about a year ago 1 min read
The Sisterhood of Women
Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

The Sisterhood of Women, a bond so strong,

A connection that lasts our whole life long,

Through the ups and downs, the joys and strife,

We stand together, side by side.

We lift each other up, we cheer each other on,

We celebrate our victories, until the break of dawn,

We share our stories, our hopes and fears,

And in doing so, we wipe away our tears.

For the power of sisterhood lies not just in the words we say,

But in the actions we take, day by day,

We stand up for each other, we lend a helping hand,

We strive to make the world a better land.

We know that when we come together,

There's nothing we can't achieve, no matter the weather,

For the strength of a woman is not just in her own might,

But in the collective power of sisters, shining bright.

We stand for justice, for equality, for all that is right,

We fight for what we believe in, with all our might,

And we do it together, as one united force,

For we are the Sisterhood of Women, and we are a powerful source.

So let us lift each other up, and never tear each other down,

Let us stand together, on solid ground,

For in the bond of sisterhood, we find our true strength,

And together, we can change the world at great length.

The Sisterhood of Women, let it ring true,

For in our collective power, there's nothing we can't do.

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