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The sky is blue


By Ray RizwanPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
The sky is blue
Photo by Evgeny Nelmin on Unsplash

In the realm where dreams take flight,

Where the world is bathed in boundless light,

A canvas painted with celestial hue,

I look above, where the sky is blue.

Stretching far and wide, endless and free,

A tapestry of wonders, for all to see,

The azure expanse, a soothing sight,

Bringing calmness, from morning to night.

The sky is blue, like a sapphire gem,

A tranquil haven, a precious diadem,

It holds the secrets of the universe high,

Whispering stories as the clouds drift by.

With every passing moment, colors dance,

Painting a symphony, a celestial romance,

From soft baby blue to vibrant cobalt hue,

The sky unfolds its palette, a breathtaking view.

Beneath its vastness, dreams take flight,

As hopes and aspirations reach new height,

The sky's embrace, a limitless space,

Where possibilities soar, without a trace.

From sunrise's golden glow to twilight's kiss,

The sky's ever-changing beauty is sheer bliss,

I find solace in its gentle embrace,

As worries dissolve, leaving only grace.

Oh, sky so blue, you bring me peace,

A tranquil refuge where my soul finds release,

In your presence, I feel serenely free,

Connected to the world's vast tapestry.

So let me gaze upon your heavenly dome,

Where birds and dreams find their home,

The sky is blue, a timeless treasure,

Filling my heart with infinite pleasure.

With every breath I take, I'm reminded anew,

Of the vastness of life, as the sky shines through,

In its cerulean depths, I find a pure delight,

As the sky remains a beacon of hope, day and night.

Oh, sky so blue, an eternal embrace,

Your beauty transcends time and space,

Forever I'll cherish your captivating view,

For in your embrace, dreams come true.

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Ray Rizwan

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  • Silent Scarlett4 months ago

    I love it Rizwan

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