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Thought when flaying a birds


By Ray RizwanPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
Thought when flaying a birds
Photo by McGill Library on Unsplash

In realms where birds take flight on azure skies,

Where freedom's wings embrace the clouds up high,

A pensive thought drifts through my wandering mind,

As feathered souls in harmony unwind.

What secrets lie within their graceful flight?

Do they perceive a world bathed in pure light?

Or do their wings, like whispers on the breeze,

Unravel tales of sorrows, hopes, and pleas?

As I gaze upon their ethereal dance,

Their delicate forms in celestial expanse,

I ponder on the depths their spirits reach,

The lessons their existence seeks to teach.

With every beat, a symphony takes flight,

A serenade of life, both wild and bright,

Their songs a tapestry of vibrant hues,

A testament to dreams they dare to choose.

Do they perceive the wonders of the Earth,

As they soar through skies, finding joy and mirth?

Or are they bound by nature's mystic grace,

Content to dwell in their enchanted space?

Oh, feathered creatures, guardians of the air,

Your wisdom fills my heart with gentle care,

As you navigate the heavens above,

I'm reminded of the boundless power of love.

For when I see you glide with grace and ease,

I'm reminded of life's myriad degrees,

How we, too, can spread our wings and ascend,

Embrace the winds of change, the dreams we send.

So let me cherish every fleeting flight,

As birds remind me of life's wondrous might,

And in their wings, may my own spirit soar,

To heights uncharted, dreams to explore.

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  • Zarbaz Khan6 months ago


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