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The secret of love

Love secret

By Joe Bou KhalilPublished about a month ago 1 min read
The secret of love
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Love is in every moment. 

In every place that we visit. 

Love surrounds us and makes us happy. 

It's the destination for every person who wants to be happy. 

Who wants his life to be filled with excitement and journeys. 

Nobody knows the secrets of love. 

But this is the beauty that we tend to search for. 

But in our hearts, we know it. 

We know that we love. 

But we don't know what's hidden from us. 

It's what makes us fight every day to be part of this love. 

For being the people who are truly the symbol of love. 

But the reality is that love is everywhere. 

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    Joe Bou KhalilWritten by Joe Bou Khalil

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