The Path of Life

I, too, must move on.

The Path of Life

The abundance of leaves crunch and crackle

as I walk down the never ending path lined with trees,

sustaining only a handful of foliage:

auburn, orange, yellow.

For most of the leaves have fallen now

and lie upon the rocky path,

blowing in the cool breeze

as mother nature prepares for winter.

The seasons change ever so quickly.

We meet again, this path and I

but this time it seems to be closing in,

leaving me uncertain of where to turn.

The ever so familiar way,

being cut short in an instance.

Colorful leaves of every kind plummet

to their inevitable death by the human foot.

They crunch and crackle

louder than ever,

I try to hold on to this vision forever,

but as the seasons change

and the leaves fall

and the world turns

I, too, must move on.

nature poetry
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