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The next season of life.

June makes me happy.

By shireen naazPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
The next season of life.
Photo by Anne Nygård on Unsplash

There is something so special about the air around June . kind of feel familiar yet gives a feeling of new start. Every year in june something good comes by and I manifest thus energy so very deeply this time too.. So ,I left a lot behind last month all the weight of worries and hopes , I let lose of everything and took a sigh of relief . On 1st june my morning coffee actually tasted better than before and after a long time I woke up smiling in the morning. Sounds weird? to me too. Sometimes we carry the weight of the things we even don't know exists and so without consciously knowing we bag it around as grave lines on our forehead and maybe shiver in our hands. Let june be the month where you flip the page of your life and move onto the next chapter . There are so many characters of your story that you have yet to meet . Maybe your ownself in a different phase. Welcome it all with open hands and with this welcome the month of June my long lost friend. Be kind to me !

-love, shireen.

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shireen naaz

I am an 18 year old Y/A so the world to me is a very strange place right now I am still learning, experiencing and discovering new aspects of life so maybe with me you can once again see the world differently.

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