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The Most Powerful Drug

A free verse poem

By Talia DevoraPublished 12 months ago 2 min read
Top Story - June 2023
The Most Powerful Drug
Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Social media

can be the most powerful drug

on our planet.

Once people use it

consistently and excessively,

they become conditioned

to believe the unreal.

Social media

can be the most powerful drug

we self-administer daily.

When people utilize it

improperly and unhealthily,

the dreams they’ve chased

become living nightmares.

Social media

can be the most powerful drug

for the human mind and soul.

It can either transform you,

lift you up,

pollute you,

or tear you down.

That’s the philosophy

behind the digital narcotic

called social media.

By Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

Authors note: In a world where we heavily rely on material things and social media platforms to free ourselves from the stresses of life, I believe it’s imperative to also discuss the dangers of the new mindset humans have developed over the last 11 years.

Social media usage can be both positive and negative, but we have to be very careful with it and figure out why and what we’re using it for. If we don’t figure that out, we’re landing ourselves in hot water. For example, social media is only good if we use it to communicate with family and friends, network with other business people, discover new things like recipes, art projects, and to share our talents with the world. If we use it to seek unwanted attention, put down others, and replace it with in-person socialization, it will damage our psychological and mental well-being. Social media, in my opinion, was not designed for us to find our potential date, to reveal too much skin, or to spread hateful propaganda. This is because we never know if the people were interacting with are honest and kind people, and it’s immodest to impose our beliefs onto others who simply don’t want to believe the things others believe.

Because of the nonsense people are continuously exposed to on social media, they’re becoming brainwashed. This is especially the case with young people, as their brains are still developing. Someone does one inappropriate thing and posts it for the whole world to view, the other person will copy the behaviour; it’s a vicious cycle. For example, if one person posts a TikTok video of themselves getting drunk and getting into a physical altercation with their friends, another person will most likely mimic the behaviour, especially if he/she is naive enough to believe it’s acceptable. Like who wants to see people fighting with others?! The whole world doesn’t need to see people fighting with their loved ones; those are private matters that we keep to ourselves.

Bottom line is, social media can be toxic if it’s used inappropriately. If it’s used wisely and for good purposes, it’s one of the best things a person can have!

By Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

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Talia Devora

Poetess, visual artist and lifestyle/quiz writer! My pastimes include reading, sleeping, gaming, music, fitness, etc! Be yourselves, be kind and value life! Let's connect and be friends!

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  • Tiffany Gordon 8 months ago

    Great job!

  • Hannah Moore9 months ago

    It's such a difficult balance isn't it. I'm never fully sure where I'm sitting on the healthy/not healthy continuum!

  • Grz Colm9 months ago

    Nice one! 😊👏 I have actually read and liked this before, but can’t seem to see a comment. My apologies.

  • J. Delaney-Howe10 months ago

    A very important issue! Love the poem, love the cautionary writing at the end. Nice work!

  • Lilly Cooper10 months ago

    Bringing awareness of the issues surrounding the use of social media is so important and you have done a great job with your poem and author's note!

  • Denise E Lindquist12 months ago

    Congratulations on your top story!!😊💕🎉

  • Aaron Typpö12 months ago

    Congratz on the top story

  • Kelly Imbert12 months ago

    Understand your approach to this, great piece.

  • Money insighter12 months ago

    I mean drugs really is only something some people wantt when the dont't have it

  • Lamar Wiggins12 months ago

    Loved the line “digital narcotic” . Congrats on your Top Story.

  • Mariann Carroll12 months ago

    Congratulations on Top Story, Welcome from your vacation 🥰💓I agree with your message on this poem .

  • Congratulations on your Top Story💯🎉✨

  • Bundala Mponezya12 months ago

    This is so trueee!!

  • The Dani Writer12 months ago

    The dangers of social media cannot be highlighted enough in my view. Personally, I can't comfortably be online for long periods. Your commentary on your poem is gold. Great Top story with a 'you nailed it' lead photo.

  • Jay Kantor12 months ago

    "Narcotic" - You Got It - He who 'Shouts-Down' the Loudest Wins ~ Somehow there are always 'Takers?' -You are very Respected - Jay Kantor, Chatsworth, California

  • Heather Hubler12 months ago

    All too true!! You have wisely stated what it boils down to...purpose and intent. Wonderful work, Talia. Congratulations on Top Story!

  • Nicky Lazos12 months ago

    Some real insightful thoughts on here! I think another issue with social media is that it gives ANYONE a chance to have a voice that reaches a multitude of people. And quite honestly, some people really shouldn't be influencing at all.

  • Paul Stewart12 months ago

    Hear, hear! Bravo, Talia. This is a great, timely, very thought-provoking and truthful piece of poetry! So glad it got Top Story!

  • Congratulations on your Top Story 👍

  • Cathy holmes12 months ago

    Congrats on the TS

  • Cendrine Marrouat12 months ago

    Great poem, Talia! When I ran social media classes and workshops for small businesses and solo-preneurs, I used to call this the "behind-your-screen" effect. Basically, when you meet people face to face, you tend to prepare for it. Because of our inate fear of others' judgments, we automatically censor ourselves (even minimally). When you are communicating from screen to screen, eyes are no longer on you. You now see the other person as a static entity. They just become words. The self-censorship disappears.

  • Cathy holmes12 months ago

    Isn't that the truth! Well done.

  • Some great observations

  • Babs Iverson12 months ago

    Great message, Talia!!! Loving it!!!❤️❤️💕

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