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The Moon

by Michael Blanco 2 years ago in sad poetry
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By Michael Blanco

The moon the moon in the sky at night

Surrounded by the glow of never ending stars

This I see in the reflection of a pool of water

And in my thoughts that stray

The moon the moon that shines so bright

Is not alone in the sky at night

Aside from stars and comets burning

My spirit too is up there

And though the space is vast and empty

And darkness fills the void

The beauty of the rays of light

From burning stars and the moon at night

Gently warms my soul

Oh the moon the moon so far so lonely

A bastion of solitude that never fades

So pale and soft to my open eye

Am I the moon I wonder too

Do I glow from stars around me

Perhaps a shade of ocean blue

So sad alone and never happy

sad poetry

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Michael Blanco

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