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The Long Trek (Amtgard)

by Michael Blanco 2 years ago in fact or fiction
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By Michael Blanco

The way was harsh and cold; No mercy

My men long dead from thirst and scurvy

And I alone then took the journey

Weak from hunger and days being thirsty

I made my way past desolation

Past lands long cursed by incantations

Past ancient ruins of fallen nations

And ghosts and figures in strange formations

With watching eyes of pain and hate

Through crooked paths that once were straight

Onward past the darkest places

Where creatures dwell that have no faces

And those that do might be a killer

And I their victim, or worse their dinner,

Their faces stern and hard and bitter

Some did speak but just a whisper

And so I traveled far through winter

Until all was gone except my shiver

Until at last I reached North River

fact or fiction

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Michael Blanco

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