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The lockdown of soul

by Artemis Pop 2 years ago in inspirational
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In the lockdown of my soul

I expected the love of others

To save my tormented soul

Incapable of self loving anymore

I blame other for not fulfilling

the void

the emptiness

The glominess of thoughts

I search for teachings

Healears and the distractions

Of modern life

And I see myself in the cracked mirrors

Of others

But when I sink into the

Darkest cave

And it was nothing there to be see

Nothing there to feel

Just the numbness

I return inwardly

Because I realise I was forgetting

To see my own reflection

In the mirror of my eyes

And when I sow it

I understood fully that was

Still a reflection

And not the reality

I am more then my mind

I am more than my body

I am more than my eyes

I am more than my heart

I am a drop in the universe

Where everything is more than you can see

Where everything is more than you can feel

All connected


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Artemis Pop

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