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The heart of Arab Life

From Desert sands to Family Feast

By Annalise ZeraPublished about a month ago 1 min read
The heart of Arab Life
Photo by Malik Shibly on Unsplash

in lands where the desert meets the sea

arab culture blooms and vibrant

arab whispers tales of ancient lore

of kind people, their hearts an open door

love flows like the nile, deep and wide

binding families close, side by side

in bustling markets, spices fill the air

arab food, a feast beyond compare

dates and honey, lamb so tender

flavors rich, memories to remember

baklava, sweet with every bite

sharing meals from dawn to night

in the glow of the evening's embrace

laughter and stories fill the space

with every dish, and every smile

arab culture's warmth extends a mile

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Annalise Zera

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    Annalise ZeraWritten by Annalise Zera

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