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The Glade

by Caeizar 8 days ago in sad poetry / love poems / heartbreak / art
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... a brand new pact was thusly made ...

Artwork by Alex Cipriano @alexciprianoart

We met in a glade you and I

As the moon stood high in the sky

Woods eclipsing us in every way

And nothing left but darkness surrounds


And in that dark and windy glade

A brand new pact was thusly made

With the exchanges that we bade

To draw me closer you did dade


Stepped into moonlight pure apparition

Slowly form changed to solid condition

No longer a clear ghostly rendition

You take a companion-like edition


You did not have to at all try seduce

For you were my lover I did deduce

To then kiss you I did not need excuse

To this end I did try to so conduce


With lingered steps I take into the glade

As all my harried vision seems to fade

With all my alarm ceasing to evade

Drawing close towards my nubile maid


Coming into middle moonlight's cascade

I can feel your face caught in heavy staid

For this moment there is nothing I trade

As our faces begin to closely wade


Our bodies and hands are so gently laid

As our fingers caressed and slowly played

You around my neck and I through your braid

Eyes locked with no chance that they ever strayed


I'm in my jacket, you in your brocade

Neither of us carry hint of afraid

This is the best moment for which we've prayed

Then our mouths begin a kissing crusade


Love for you eternally my dear maid

As affection is no longer delayed

Every touch exuberantly conveyed

Our tongues a never-ending serenade


The moment cut short and quickly unmade

As I feel the blood from that unknown blade

On my hands and across your waist arrayed

Your life fleeting fast with love's fate betrayed


I cry out in anguish at what's unmade

What magic caused this terrible invade

Of death into this amazing parade

In love carried into the dreamy glade


Gone forever is my dearest love,

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Take a drink from my words and see. See the words that make truly me. Let me be your mysterious guide, to unveil the visage I try to hide.

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  • Kendall Defoea day ago

    You left your last line open after that comma... A nice touch. And 'dade'?

  • Janet J. Smith5 days ago


  • Wonderful imagery, lovely work.

  • very very good keep up the dope work!

  • great text. Amazing..

  • Lahori Lady7 days ago


  • Amystic7 days ago

    I love it , very beautiful writing.

  • Amy Hall8 days ago

    Sad and beautiful.. subscribed!

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